Unlock Showcase

One of our community members, Kalidou, built a website to showcase all of Unlock's integrations!

Julien Genestoux

 On July 8, 2021

Unlock Showcase

Unlock Showcase is a collection of projects, plugins and, websites built on Unlock Protocol.

Unlock Showcase features interesting projects built with Unlock Protocol as well as third party tools and resources for developers. They would love to get to know about yours: submit it now!

Unlock Showcase Examples

All submissions are reviewed personally to make sure if they are a good fit. The best projects are those that are continuously supported and keep being an inspiration.

If you want to boost your project or support the team, please consider booking a feature for your submission.

About the Creators

Unlock Showcase was created by Kalidou Diagne & Balla Diagne through the Unlock grant program! Kalidou is a front-end developer based in Italy who has recently started exploring the web3 and crypto worlds.

Unlock Protocol provides UDT token grants to developers who can make the platform more accessible to wider communities.

Have a project, developer tool, or another idea that would help Unlock? Apply here!