Our Second Class of Unlock Token Grantees

Amber Case

 On August 10, 2021

udt grants

We are so excited to announce the following grant recipients for our second cohort! Our grant selection committee carefully reviewed each project and, the winners were chosen for their vision and potential growth for the protocol.

Last month, we began decentralizing our grant process. We have nominated some of our earliest community members to make the winning selections for the next class. We included a mix of early Unlock Inc. investors, grantees and, community members. The Unlock Grant committee is run by Amber Case. If you’d like to learn more about this process, please join the Governance channel on our community forum and read more.

Unlock Grantees - Second Cohort

Jennifer Tran -- Syracuse, NY

Jennifer is a co-founder of Mintgate. She is building an integration that will allow their users to offer memberships through NFT tokens. Expanding the ability for creators to both control and monetize their content and communities will propel us all towards a decentralized web reality even faster!

Kale Nixon -- Portland, OR

Kale is a musician, producer and performer who will integrate Unlock with the various aspects of their online presence and create examples of how Unlock can support creators, musicians and, more. Kale’s project supports further Unlock integrations for the creator economy but also focuses on educating the creator community. As noted in Kale’s proposal, many of their community members might not have developer skills, but are actively seeking solutions for decentralizing their creations.

Marty Bell -- Global

Marty is integrating Unlock with his existing music streaming platform. Poolsuite currently provides listening sessions to over one million users a year with an average of 750,000 unique visitors from around the globe. Marty’s Unlock integration will help elevate the features he already provides by leveraging the utility aspect of our NFTs. He’s hoping to provide VIP perks and special incentives to his community members using Unlock Protocol.

We can’t wait to see how these grantees bring their visions to life and will keep our community posted on their progress. If you’d like to follow along, be sure to join our Discord as our grantees will be hanging out in the community!

Curious About the Grant Program?

Supporting the community development of Unlock Protocol is one of our core missions. The Unlock Token Grant Program seeks to increase the volume of developers and creators deploying our protocol. We encourage and support developers that create plugins, processes and, documentation that make it easier for everyone to use Unlock.

What We Seek In Grantees

Our five criteria are as follows:

  • Impact - Is the potential scope of impact on users sizable?
  • Clarity - Does the project include user experience, aesthetics and, anything else that makes the solution clear, accessible and, easy to use once implemented?
  • Feasibility - Does the project possess a reasonable implementation?
  • Team - Does the team possess the skills to bring their vision to life?
  • Maturity - Is this a brand new venture or a launched system with revenue?

Do you have an Idea or a Vision for Unlock?

Our grant submission process is open to all! Simply click this link to begin your application process. If you have an idea but need to speak with some of our developers or community builders, please hop into our Discord and flesh out your idea with our community.