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Novum Insights Adds an NFT-Based Authentication Experience

A full stack option to create an NFT-based sign-in experience for your community.

By Crystal Street on


Seeing the innovation from the teams integrating Unlock Protocol never ceases to amaze us. What brings us even more joy, if that’s even possible, is to see a team build an amazing integration and then keep making that integration even more stunning. Such is the case with Novum Insights.

Novums Insights, a 2021 grantee for their Firebase integration, recently announced the completion of a full stack SvelteKit and Unlock Protocol integration! The short version — devs can now build a full stack application from scratch which accepts payments in crypto, allows NFT-based subscriptions, and more. And, now you can use NFTs as proof of subscription!

As they note in their blog post announcing this upgrade;

The Novum team will be actively maintaining the library and consistently optimizing the user experience. We’ll continue to refine our robust software tool to create something that both the Unlock and Svelte communities can benefit from. Imagine automated, silent, friction-less, authentication for any website, board or club completely aligned to your subscription or membership level. Perhaps even generating a related QR code on your mobile for access on the move?

Yes, Novum Insights, we can imagine all of that goodness and we’re so excited to see the amazing technology you’ve built! Be sure to head over to their blog to see how it works and check out their Github as well!

Developer Resources

Novum Insights Announcement (with wallet screenshots of the sign in process)

Unlock-Protocol + Sveltekit Github from Novum

Unlock Protocol & Firebase Integration from Novum’s Github

Unlock + Firebase Integration blog post with code

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