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NFTHack 2022 Teams Tap Into Unlock

ETHGlobal’s latest hackathon, NFTHack 2022, brought forward some fabulous opportunities for teams to deploy Unlock Protocol — and win prizes!

By Crystal Street on

Whenever we get the call to step into the ETHGlobal Hackathons, our team gets almost giddy at the possibilities. Of course, we have our visions for deploying Unlock in ALL the places, but we love to see the innovation and creativity that flows from the hackers participating in these events. Such collaborations from a decentralized viewpoint really do show what’s possible with this ground-breaking technology.

As a sponsor for the NFTHack 2022, we were able to participate in the judging of these projects and saw all the big visions of these innovators, and were truly inspired. Below are the winners and top projects that deployed the protocol to power their creations. Be sure to visit their showcase pages, linked in each description, and see how the project was made. Many of the projects also have links to their Github so you can get a deeper look at the tech behind their work.

First Prize Winner— NFTpay

NFTpay allows you to create blockchain-hosted invoices that are hosted for free using IPFS and can be fulfilled with crypto or credit card payments. Receipts are auto-hosted as NFTs with no chance of losing an attachment or document showing the time and receipt of purchase. Receipt and time of purchase are forever retained on the Ethereum blockchain.

The team used Unlock to create an Ethereum-based paywall where a user chooses an Ethereum wallet as the checkout method of choice. Visit this link if you’d like to learn more about the project and see the team’s amazing demo!

NFTPay thumbnail

Second Prize Winner— NFTResy

NFTResy is a ticketing dapp that allows customers to select and reserve seats for restaurants, concerts, gatherings, and even Metaverse events. The end goal of the NFTResy team is to simply make ticketing easier by using NFTs powered by Unlock. We love that goal!

Since the tickets are built as NFTs, they can also be re-sold on platforms like OpenSea and exchanged for some other ticket NFTs. This is very common in fine-dining experiences, as you can exchange one reservation for a reservation at another restaurant that is equally as rare to get. The team created a demo that showcases this restaurant ticketing experience.

NFTResy aims to develop in 2 different ways: real-life, and Metaverse. Please visit this link to see the demo and learn more about the ultimate vision of the team.

NFTResy thumbnail

Joint Prize Winner (with Livepeer)— Got It

Got It is an NFT-based ecosystem to help broadcasters better engage with their audiences. Got It is a censorship-resistant video live streaming service with membership-only access options powered by Livepeer, IPFS, and Unlock.

Be sure to head over to the Got It team’s showcase page to watch their demo and to better understand and support their big vision for reshaping sectors of the media industry!

Got It thumbnail

LetterLoops Unlocked!

LetterLoops is a quiz game that uses dialectic graph networks to re-imagine human vocabulary in a different way. LetterLoops has a thriving community of players and a separate instance where users can pay to get access to the game and that revenue is paid back to users based on performance.

Be sure to check out their project page and notice how they used Unlock and Swordy Bot to power their game access.

Graffiti Mint

A dapp to digitize and mint street art from IRL graffiti events. Graffiti Mint helps to digitize, mint, and monetize graffiti events. It integrates ERC1155 NFTs for 4-tier season passes for event supporters and ERC721 contracts to mint street art made in graffiti events at city parks as NFTs.

Head over to their showcase page and take a few minutes to see this creative project in action!

Exclusive EveNFT

Dapp created for events like wedding websites where guests can mint party gifts after the event on Polygon. Exclusive EveNFT is working to create a decentralized event website that could serve as membership and allow the host to send gifts to participants after the event.

Learn more about the project and their big vision at this link.

Member Only Event

Member Only Event is a dapp that allows group members to access online events and join discussions. The team aims to build a decentralized application that can interact with a membership NFT contract, and implement members' only access to exclusive content and events.

Learn more about the project’s ultimate vision and see their demo at this link.

Real Meta Key

Real Meta Key enables users to support public goods and crypto brands through stream payments and get NFT as rewards. The special NFT can be used to collect additional rewards such as activation codes and is powered by Unlock.

The project details, including how it was built, can be found on their showcase page.


TrueNFT is a marketplace to mint NFTs with AI-enabled counterfeit NFT detection capability across networks and membership functionalities. Considering the high degree of duplicate and unauthentic NFTs generated in this space, TrueNFT is integrated with the "AI-enabled counterfeit NFT detection" API from NFTPort which utilizes the Google deep learning capabilities to ensure duplicate NFTs are checked during minting.

Head over to their showcase page to see how the project was built and watch the demo.

Excited for all the 2022 Hackathons!

Hackathons are one of our favorite ways to support the web3 community building the next generation of internet technology but also a chance to see the diversity and creativity of what’s possible with Unlock.

We say a giant THANK YOU to all of the winners and every single team that deployed Unlock to bring their vision to life. Please don’t forget that we offer grants for selected projects for Unlock integrations and our grant committee meets monthly, so get your application in today!

We’re so grateful to ETHGlobal for your continued support of the web3 space and for allowing us to participate in these amazing hackathons! We look forward to seeing these projects evolve and for all the amazing hackathons for 2022!

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