Multi Use Locks

Find out how a single key together with your wallet can unlock anything from tickets to content.

By Sascha Mombartz on

Use one Unlock lock for a variety of services and products.

One incredibly powerful thing about using Unlock is that one key can access anything that's behind a lock it has access to. That means you can place the same lock in multiple places or even use it for different purposes (as we did) and let a user who as that one key access everything. So what did we do?

The NFT Dev Meetup ticket page.

We sold tickets to the NFT Dev Meetup during NYC Blockchain Week through our ticket app (still in beta) and then allowed ticket holders to also access the livestream of the event.

Without Unlock, complicated. With Unlock piece of cake.

We created a lock on the Unlock dashboard …

The NFT events lock on the dashboard.

We used that lock to create a ticket page …

Creating an event page with the lock.

… and then used the embed code from that same lock on the event blog post.

The lock's embed code.

Checkout the tickets page and the locked blog post with the event video. Want to really try it out? You can still buy a ticket to unlock the video (disclaimer: the sound isn’t great – and it mostly serves as proof of concept for locking the page).

Want to do this for your event or content? We’re all ears!