Mission, Vision and Values

Identifying Mission, Vision and Values informs business strategy and paints a holistic and accurate picture of a business.

By Julien Genestoux on

A recipe to go from zero to one cannot exist. Creating a company, a team, a product or a protocol require a lot of work and faith. Our goal is ambitious, but it can only be achieved an incredible amount of small steps (4000 Pull Requests as of Tuesday!).

This week, we took some time to think about our mission, which is what we do, our vision, which is why we do it, and our values, which describe how we do it. We got some help and it took us a full day, but this work will help us in each decision and will act as a "scaffold" for the whole team.

Our Vision

We believe that, now, most creators are not able to capture enough of the value that they create. Open source developers, musicians, writers, or even curators provide incredible value for all users of the internet and beyond. But we also have to acknowledge that most of them are not being rewarded for that work, and when they are, it is often through gatekeepers: middlemen who set the terms and too often end up competing with them.

We know there is a better way. This is our vision:

“Every creator can make a sustainable living from their work, while respecting the time, privacy and health of their community.”

Our Mission

In order to make that vision a reality, we believe it starts with creators and this is why our mission is the following:

"We empower creators to capture the value they create for their community, on their own terms."

Our Values

Values define "how" we want to achieve our mission and realize the vision. They provide principles that we want to live by, both internally, but also externally, with users of the protocol and members of our own community. Here are the ones we chose:

  • Collaborative
  • Human Centered
  • Mission Driven
  • Simple
  • Transparent

Of course, in that list there are things that we already apply, and others which are, at least for now, more aspirational.

Based on that list, it should be pretty clear that your input matters to us. We hope that you'll provide us guidance on how to adopt these principles during our journey! Please, reach out to us, in comments below, on Discord, or even privately using the Intercom widget in the lower right corner of this page.