Unlock is a sponsor for HackFS, and the Unlock community can vote on the best projects!

Julien Genestoux

 On August 17, 2021

EthGlobal and Protocol Labs created HackFS, a hackathon designed to enable hackers and makers to lay the foundation for a decentralized web! Unlock embraces this mission completely and decided to help accelerate this movement by sponsoring the hackathon!


Hackathon teams began their work on July 30th and every team has submitted their projects for review by the judges. We're so excited to see that 17 teams chose Unlock Protocol to build their projects upon and all of their submissions are linked on this Airtable.

As a community-driven protocol, we want all of our community members to participate in deciding the best ways to promote and grow Unlock adoption. For this very reason, we recently decided to decentralize our grants review process.

Today we wish to try something new and further empower our community by letting members vote on the best projects from HackFS! The voting process is simple.

We have created a Snapshot proposal to let all existing community members vote! If you did not have a valid membership at the time of Snapshot, you won't be allowed to vote, but you should get a membership for next time!

If you are a member of our community, please, vote now!

We will make sure that the most upvoted project gets a prize!