Customizing NFT

Easily customize your membership's NFT!

Julien Genestoux

 On July 6, 2021

Unlock memberships are Non-Fungible Tokens! We use the ERC-721 specification, exactly like Cryptopunks or Beeples first 5000 days. This means that, exactly like any other NFT, Unlock memberships have an image, which can be customized by the lock's creator!

From the beginning we chose a fully open approach where creators deploy their own ERC-721 contract, which we call a lock, rather than use one that we control/own. Of course, the contracts are open source, and verified on block explorers so that creators both have full transparency and full control.

From there, a creator can customize the famous metadata URL to be anything they want and build very custom NFT for each of their members.

Now, we also know that many creators don't have the resources to hire a developer to customize things for them, so today, we made it really easy for all lock creators to customize their NFT memberships!

On the dashboard, click on the lock icon, and opens a modal where you can easily customize the image used on the NFT.


After this, you can easily customize the image by uploading one of your choice, or add an external URL if the image is hosted somewhere else, like IPFS for example!

Customize image

Once set, the image will be visible for all of your members in their wallets (if the wallet supports NFT), as well as onn market places like OpenSea!